Logging into the Student Portal

Posted on 03/24/2020

Logging Into the Student Portal
Log into Your Student Portal Here

Logging Into the Student Portal
Logging into the District Portal from Home
Follow these directions:

1. Open the Chrome Browser 

2. Log into your student portal by going to the district website at mysdpbc.org

You should see this webpage.
District Portal Sign-In

Username = S + student number
Password = last 4 digits of student number +
upper case first & last initial + last two digits of birth year

If you logged on correctly, you should see your home portal.
Your Portal

3. Click in the “Search Applications” field and type “Classroom"
Type Classroom

4. Click on the Google Classroom app
5. Read and Accept
6. Click on “I am a Learner”
7. Click + in Upper Right “Join” enter your teacher’s Class code