Home Health Aide and EKG Classes at the AEC

HHA and EKG Classes at the AEC
Posted on 09/13/2019
Home Health Aide Course
The Home Health Aide course at The Adult Education Center (AEC) introduces the student to the concept of management of the patient in the home that includes physical comfort and safety, nutrition and legal and ethical responsibilities. At the successful completion of the course, the student will receive an HHA certification. Read more about our Home Health Aide class and how to register by visiting our website.

The EKG Program (electrocardiogram)
The Adult Education Center's EKG Technician program integrates medical theory with skills-based, practical training. This course will combine three different classes:
• Basic Healthcare Worker
• EKG Aide
• EKG Technician
EKG Technicians can be employed in many diverse work environments. They can work in hospitals, medical clinics, cardiologists' offices, healthcare facilities, physicians' offices and insurance companies. For more information on our EKG course and how to register, visit our website.