Burlington, Essential and Learning Upgrade Issues

Burlington, Essential and Learning Upgrade Issues
Posted on 03/19/2020
Burlington English
If you are a student and you are having trouble accessing Burlington English while the schools are closed, you can email me at NoBurlington@gmail.com  Please include your name and your student number if you have it. If you are using a computer you can have full access to your lessons by downloading Burlington here. 

New Applications!
 Burlington Play Store Burlington App Store

Burlington has new smartphone and tablet apps. For Android go to the Play Store and for Apple go to the App Store 

Essential Education
Essential Education
Every ABE-GED teacher should have access to their classes in Essential Education. If you are having issues with a student, you can email me at NoEssential@gmail.com 

If you are a student and need help entering your Essential classroom, you can email me at NoEssential@gmail.com The login page for Essential Education is https://www.essentialed.com/start/adultedcenter

Learning Upgrade   Learning Upgrade

Here is the Login for Learning Upgrade

Note: Learning Upgrade needs to use Flash Player.
If you are using Chrome, you need to unblock Flash Player.
You will see the blocked site on the right side of the address bar or you will see a Flash symbol in the middle of the screen.

Newsela in Your Portal
You can log into your Newsela account once you log into your portal.

You will receive an email after your inquiry.