Forklift Safety Certification

Forklift Operator Safety Course 
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The Chuck Shaw Technical Educational Center forklift course is completed in one day. It is 5 hours in length and it consists of a 2-hour classroom session and 3 hours of hands-on instruction and observation of every student. The course is offered in English and can be offered in Spanish.

Safety Certification
Safety certification is required by law for all employees operating a forklift in the State of Florida. This certification meets OSHA standards. OSHA regulations permits only trainees 18 years and older to obtain certification. At the successful completion of the course, all trainees will receive their certification with a 3-year validity period.

Forklift Registration Information and Schedule
Class Hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm 
Each class is 5 hours and completed in one day

Friday - May 6
Thursday - June 16
Thursday - August 4
Friday - September 23
Friday - November 4

Cost Per Trainee - $200
Minimum class size of 5 required

CDC Guidelines
Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) will be required. The training room is large enough to maintain the SDPBC and CDC’s social distancing guidelines at the time of the class.

Cancellation Policy:
Five (5) business days’ notice of enrollment changes or cancellations required to avoid responsibility for course fees. Trainee substitutions may be made at any time. Trainee no-shows will not be reimbursed.

Registration at The Chuck Shaw Technical Education Center
4260 Westgate Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
561-616-7824 561-616-5804
Fax 561-616-7850